January 18, 2015

Throwback to fall: learning to marble silks & cottons


By far the most thrilling thing I learned at Arrowmont was fabric marbling. It is a quick, playful craft. We worked with mainly cottons and silks, but also experimented with a number of other fabrics as well. Certain synthetics worked surprisingly well. We even witnessed a few amazing wood marbling demos. I left with yards of marbled fabric (mostly cut down to test sizes). I am so excited to do more with this technique in the future. I am positively brimming with ideas...


January 8, 2015

Notes from the fall.


Tennessee. I met some incredible people and worked very, very hard. Truth be told, my couple of months there were not as creatively fertile as I had hoped they would be. Week after week I worked the morning shift in the kitchen- up at 5am and too often crashing into bed at 2:30 in the afternoon for naps that always left me grouchy and slightly depressed. While I didn't produce as much new work as I had anticipated, I did manage to do a lot of writing; inspiration was aplenty and I left with a lot of new ideas. I also found time to start re-building my website. Slow but steady progress on that front. One of my favorite nights there was my last- Halloween! Frankie (see his website here), one of the artists in residence, planned an elaborate Dolly Parton-themed murder mystery party. I had an absolute blast playing one of the murderers and dressing up in a silly tie-dye jumpsuit!


After Tennessee I made my way to Western Massachusetts, where I took an amazing week-long weaving course taught by Becky Ashenden of the Vavstuga School. Becky has woven for many years in the Swedish tradion: her methods are tried, true, and beautifully refined. Learning from her was a very different experience than weaving at Penland; the focus was more on mastering the basics of the craft, whereas Penland had been more about conceptual and creative thought. It was a challenging five days in which I managed to weave two small table cloths, a wool blanket, and a dishtowel. The speed and determination of those days gave me a small glimpse of what it might be like to have my own production line. It gave me a lot to think about. Vavstuga School has an apprenticeship program and it is something I would absolutely love to do someday.

September 19, 2014

Let the y'alls commence: Hi from Tennessee!

A rad gal doing some warping at Arrowmont back in the day (via Wikipedia).

I have arrived in the Great Smoky Mountains. Gatlinburg is a little bit Dolly, a little bit Disney, a little bit Vegas, and a little bit Twilight Zone. In my first half hour here I sampled ten different kinds of wine out of plastic shot glasses, which mostly tasted like Capri Sun mixed with alcohol. I think my favorite was the 'Redneck Riesling'. Ahem. Every third store on the main strip appears to sell either moonshine or fudge, which I suppose is alright by me. I plan on spending most of my time in the studio anyway.

Passing through Asheville on the way here was bittersweet; I felt like I was going back to Penland. Fingers crossed I will be able to return there in the spring and weave again. My classes here at Arrowmont have been switched around a little bit so I am now taking: a silk marbling class, a mixed media bookbinding class, and a paper cutting class. I'm most excited for silk marbling. Originally I was going to take photo screen-printing, which unfortunately got cancelled at the last minute. Breakfast is at 7:30am tomorrow (oh god), followed by orientation the rest of the day.

For the love of making... here it goes!

July 29, 2014

Keep on truckin'



I just don't know. This has been an overwhelming day. An overwhelming past several days, actually. I've mailed the last of my packages to be stored at my mom's. My room is empty and swept, ready for the next tenant. I went to 3 Little Figs one last time. True to my stubborn form and despite the fact that my suitcases are bursting at the seams, I hung out at Goodwill for a solid hour to calm my nerves after parting with some of the best people I know (I made a purchase.. Shhh..)

It won't be so long before I see some of them again- I will get visits and I will visit them, yes, but it's still all very strange. Boston has been my home for the past EIGHT YEARS. My entire "adult" life has been here (quotations to emphasize that I'm barely sure I am an adult most days). Many happy moments, many sad. Growth, growth, growth. There's a building in Brighton I scaled in a 1950s cocktail dress for a photograph in college. There's a street in Allston paved with my first real heartbreak. There's a studio apartment downtown where I fell in love one summer. And Somerville- endless, endless Somerville, with its wellspring of beautiful queers and countless memories of singing power-ballads in cars with the magic ones I chose to call my family.